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The squad analysis shows you how many players who are able to play a given tactical position and are in the current squad (eg, left wingers or central defense).

In addition to the information in which players come into question for a position, we also display a statistic: how often the respective player was in the starting XI. We include all games of cup competitions, the league and the Champions League and Europa League.

The number of appearances in the starting XI is the first number given, shown in green. The second number behind it displays the number how often a player was subbed in. This number is not related to a position, it is the overall substitutions of a player. In the third column we show the number of times a player sat on the bench in a competitive match.

The sorting is based first on the number of appearances in the starting XI on this position, then comes subbed ins and then the times a player was on the bench.

In addition to the stats for the starting XI, we give you an impression of how fit is a club concerning the personnel for all tactical positions. If a squad has enough fit players for a position, we display a green meeple. An orange meeple indicates there might be a shortage. A red meeple indicates a complete shortfall of personnel.

For the different positions we have different prerequisites. For example: We think that three goalkeepers are enough, but you should have at least five fit defenders.

The following table gives you an overview of the coloration for the meeples:

Position Enough players Possible shortage Personeller Engpass
Goalkeeper 3 2 1
Left Fullback 3 2 1
Centre-back 5 4 3
Right Fullback 3 2 1
Centre Midfielder 5 4 3
Left Winger 4 3 2
Attacking Midfielder 4 3 2
Right Winger 4 3 2
Forward 4 3 2

For these indicators, we only count fit players. If a player is banned, injured, in rehab or away, he will be subtracted from the number of available players.