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Want to be part of our news poster community and publish your own news in the PremierInsider? Here"s our guide for you:

Since 2009, we’ve cooperated with volunteer news posters, day after day, gathering breaking news about the Premier League and their players from league insiders all over the internet.

For the consistency of our site, it is important that the news is set by the users with application to all the rules.

How Can I Join?

To post your own news, it’s not difficult: You just need to register for your free account. As a registered user you will find a button that says "Post News" for any player or club. Click to open a template where you can insert all the necessary information such as the title, the text, the icon and the link.

Here is a small quick start guide, to give you a quick overview:

Post your own news in four simple steps

  • 1. Find interesting news about a Premier League player online
  • 2. Check whether this news was already posted on the PremierInsider
  • 3. If this is not the case, go to the profile of the corresponding player or club and click on the
  • 4. Next you will submit a matching headline, a self-written summary and the full link to the source. Finally, you must still select the appropriate icon on that later (see section 1.2).

1. Post News

Please only post news for players who currently play in the Premier League or if the content of the news is related to a change in current Premier League.

1.1 Own texts

For a post to be published by us, it must be written by you. We ask you, therefore, to pay attention to spelling and punctuation. Due to legal issues, you can not copy and paste direct portions from the source. See section 1.5 for more rules on citations. If you do not wish to create a post, you can submit filler text with a headline that we will complete.

1.2 Symbols and Icons

Each post comes with an icon. This classifies the news for the league insiders into several categories. The icons and their proper usage are very important for coping with the flood of information. So here information on the use of icons:

The player is in trouble with the coach, has been unruly in training, behaving erratically in private life, etc.

The player is recovering after a major injury that requires rehabilitation.

A minor injury to the player that leaves his status as probable or doubtful, but still warrants attention.

The player is considered fit and ready for consideration in the squad.

Transfer Out
The player is no longer playing in the Premier League (please only use this icon after official confirmation from either of the clubs’ websites).

Not in squad
The player has not been selected for the squad or benched.

The player is currently not at his club.

Contract renewals, legal matters and contract issues or changes within the Premier League (please only use this icon after official confirmation from either clubs’ website).

Chance of playing
Everything that has to do with playing in a Premier League gameweek.

The player has been or still remains injured.

National Team
Everything about the player’s standing with the national team (see Section 3).

Cup Competition
Everything about the player in a cup competition (from Champions League to Europe league to domestic cups).

Disciplinary Action
The player has received a suspension or further disciplinary action from the F.A. regarding an incident on or off the field.

Yellow card
Everything that has to do with a yellow card or an accumulation ban.

Red Card
Everything that has to do with a red card.

Anything that does not fit into the other categories. Random articles, tabloid, etc.

1.3 Headlines

1.3.1 Character length

The headlines should be brief, yet informative. They cannot exceed the character length of 38 characters.

1.3.2 Formulation

It would be most descriptive if the headline refers to the specific type of injury, ban, rumour, etc.

"Back problems | muscle tear in his thigh," etc.

When writing headlines, ensure the information is significant and only affects the corresponding player. A headline in a Rooney thread should not therefore

"Rooney and Van Persie in starting 11"


"Rooney in starting 11"

This is to ensure a quick assimilation of information.

Also, some headlines for different categories should be reworded. Thus, from

"Mirallas to start for in-form Toffees" > "Mirallas in starting 11"

Transfer rumours are valid until the transfer is officially announced on one of the club pages. Subscribe various media transfer already perfect, could be a formulated heading:

"The Sun: Diego Costa set for Chelsea move"

1.4 Contents

The posts should be short and informative and encourage you to read the entire article from the original source. Please do not use the comment function to quote other parts of the article and prolong the news. Please formulate these posts in your own words.

1.5 Citation

If you want to quote someone, or a specific passage in the article, you must specify the source under which the quote or passage was published in inverted commas:

Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers told “The Telegraph” that the upcoming Champions League will provide a much-needed test for Sterling: "I think it’ll give him a chance to work his way back into the starting squad.”

In this case, it is important to mention that Rogers said this to “The Telegraph.”

1.5.1 Omissions

If you want to shorten a quote by omission, this should be indicated by the following ellipsis: "[...]"

The following examples are intended to demonstrate the use of the ellipsis. From the following quote:

"I think it’ll give him a chance to work his way back into the starting squad. He’s been great for us off the bench. He still has to prove he can go the full 90.”

"I think it’ll give him a chance to work his way back into the starting squad. […] He still has to prove he can go the full 90.”

1.5.2 Citation length

A direct quote must not represent more than one-third of your written news. Please do not just use a quote or passage as your entire post.

1.6 Source

Each post needs a source. This is entered in the space provided in the form. There are five types of sources:

1.6.1 Online Source

The link to the online source must go directly to the page where the quoted text is found.

Not all sources that can be found online should be taken seriously. Therefore, there are a number of sources that are frowned upon or banned altogether . This constantly updated list can be found at “5. Forbidden sources.”

1.6.2 Online News Ticker

In addition to sources where all articles are published on a single page, there are also various news tickers on online sports pages. Such news tickers complicate the search of quoted passages. Therefore, it is important to mention the time of publication. This happens at the beginning, before the acquired text.

To get a uniform structure, we have it set on a specific layout. The time is written before the text. Time and text are separated by "| ".

"12.51 | Suarez requests Liverpool transfer”

1.6.3 Sources with foreign-language content

Foreign-language news should always (even if they are written in English ) be reproduced and translated to the best of one’s knowledge. In this case, no ratings or comments should be added.

Translated texts using translation programs should not be applied, since the quality of the translation is sub-par and often difficult to understand. However, these can be used as a good help in creating an interpretation of foreign-language sources.

Foreign language articles can be, for example, translated via Google, and then summarized in a short article in plain English, noting that it was taken from a foreign source. It should also indicate which language was the original source, or from which country they came from. This can be represented as follows:

" According to the Spanish sports paper " Marca "..."

or also:

" As the Belgian Internet portal" DHNET "reported ... "

"Italian media report unanimously ..."

The content of the short article should reflect only researched information. It is important to not give your own rating, editorialize, or create additional information. The article should present short and crisp information in easy-to-understand sentences. Please also pay attention to correct spelling and punctuation.

1.6.4 Offline sources

The offline sources include all newspapers, periodicals and magazines. It goes without saying that each source is not relevant here and can not be accepted. However, major information should not escape us and can be accepted. In the form, all required information (magazine, issue, date, page ) must be entered.

1.6.5 TV news

Sometimes a reporter presents breaking news on TV. For this to be included in the PremierInsider, one must reproduce the message / summarize in your own words with direct quotes from the source. Then, link to the homepage of the respective organization.

1.6.6 Twitter and Facebook as a news source

Social media news will only be allowed when the account is:

An official account of a club,

An official account of a player,

A reputable account of a reporter, national newspaper, or TV station

News of private accounts with no journalistic background are equally inadmissible as are unofficial fan sites.

1.7 Change of club

If a player leaves the Premier League, because his contract expires or he found a new team in another league, messages apply to this topic as a rumour until either the new/old team makes it official on the club's website gives.

In this case, this official message is to be marked with this symbol: Transfer Out

If the player moves within the Premier League, then the message is to be provided with the following symbol: Contract

If a player's contract expire and you are unaware of where the player will go next, then it will be removed from the Premier League squad. If it turns out later , where the player moves , then it is uniquely possible to post a news about this change:

Carroll leaves West Ham after the season. After two weeks it becomes known that he moved to Australia. In this case, the message from the official website of the new association or from the West Ham website may be posted.

1.8 Summer break

Experience shows that the summer break (from season’s end to preparation for the upcoming season) is always a lively ground for rumours and transfers. In order not to flood the PremierInsider with report, please refrain from reporting minor injuries of the players. Should it be found but that the player was injured seriously and will be missing significant time, this can be posted.

1.9 News Request for ‘chance of playing’

For news about a player’s chances of playing, an article must always be present. It is not enough to refer to the predicted formation of a team. Once a matchday has started, we ask for no more news about a player’s chances to play.

Shortly before the start of a game, the team sheets will be announced, usually this is done half-an-hour before kick-off. As for permitted sources, we have decided the live ticker from the Premier League site in addition to the official club sources and channels are allowed (all teams post their lineups to their official Twitter accounts).

If a player in the starting 11, and then is replaced before the match, then a post can be set with reference to the player being replaced/coming into the starting 11.


2.1 Create a new player

Concering rumours about players who are new in the Premier League, a separate page will be created for this player. Please do not post rampant rumours to new players under their profiles.

Use the search function to see if there is a player already in the database. If you can not find it , please contact one of the administrators (eg andrew) and ask for the profile’s creation.

2.2 Rumour becomes fact

Transfer rumours and rumours about contract extensions are applicable as a rumour until the transfer or extension is officially announced by the club. This means that all news must be marked by icon as a rumour even before the announcment.

At official confirmations then these icons should be used:

Transfer Out


2.3 Sources for rumours

Of course, consider the sources currently forbidden. Otherwise, only sources from the home country of the player or from the country of the league in which the player is currently playing are acceptable. British sources may be quoted in accordance with our rules for each rumour.

An example:
A French newspaper reported on an Algerian player who will move to the Premier League and currently plays in Hungary.

The following sources were allowed for this player if it is brought into connection with a Premier League club:

Sources from the home country of the player, Algeria

Sources from the country's current league, in this case, Hungary

Sources from the U.K.

3. National Team News

3.1 General Policy

When news about the national team, we ask only for a player’s very first nomination. Any additional entries are applicable only when the coach announces the final squad for a World Cup or European Championship, not for qualifiers.

Apart from that, please post only in exceptional cases, e.g. when a player ends his international career, when selections comes as surprise, or when a player makes a comeback to the national team.

3.2 Absence due to international duty

If a player is not available for his Premier League team (e.g. due to the Africa Cup), an entry can be made. This entry we ask you use the “Absent” icon.

4. Illegal News

Not everything that can be found on the internet and in the press should be published as PremierInsider news.

4.1 Gossip News

If some piece of news has no useful content, they may not be posted. Pure gossip posts are to published only on a limited basis. Interviews with players or officials, must be marked with the "Interview" icon.

4.2 Duplicate News

The publishing of the same news without further information is not allowed. If you are unsure as to whether news has been posted, use the search tool or check the player’s profile in order to prevent accidental double posts.

4.3 Player Hype

The inflated praise of players by exaggerated good or bad press is strictly prohibited. Also goals in friendlies should not be published as a single post. The PremierInsider is purely an information tool, and should remain as such.

4.4 Predicted Lineup Speculation

News on the expected team sheets of the clubs on the weekend can only contain articles that are not posted as speculation.

4.5 News for officials

Please only post news about the coaches and managers of the clubs. If a new president or CEO is selected, this will not be published.

5 Forbidden sources

Not all sources found on the internet should be taken seriously. Therefore, there are a number of sources that are prohibited. The list is continually updated as needed.

Refers example is the IMAGE on a message 4-4 , this message may not be posted

Currently prohibited sources