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We are a community of football fans from all over the world. This being a constructive, friendly, and fair platform, we would like to inform all participants of our Netiquette:

When you become active in our community, please think before writing. Always remember there is a person who sits on the receiving end of a message. Apply great significance to respectful, tolerant, open-minded and objective banter.

There will be many occasions when you"re with supporters of your club or rival clubs. Please remember that we cater to the needs of supporters of all clubs. We remain objective in meeting your needs and will not take sides due to club preference or loyalty.


We always look forward to a lively discussion, but please remember that this is where supporters from all over visit. We therefore expect the supporters of different clubs to respectfully engage with one another. Stay friendly and please avoid swearing and threats. Even if there is a club that you cannot stand, remember that there are enough fans in our community who might be offended by a derogatory comment. Therefore, please refrain from derogatory and offensive comments.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to clubs but other users as well—in particular discrimination of one’s religious or sexual preference, nationality, age or gender.

Comments and Discussions

In the comments, we ask you to pay particular attention to spelling and grammar. Capitalization and punctuation also promotes the readability of texts—since we work by the paragraph.

For a discussion to proceed objectively, we would like to ask you to respond exclusively to the topic of the current news and save irrelevant thoughts for a different thread.


It may lie in the consideration of the individual or even in its humour, but please consider that irony and sarcasm causes ambiguities and misunderstandings. If you cannot do you do without such, then we ask for a clear identification of this in the text.

Relevancy Questions

There may be posts that are in your opinion not relevant or have no interest to you. We point out that the comment function does not serve to clarify these questions in terms of the relevance of the news. Should you believe that news does not meet the rules, please send a message to the administrator. Should you not be interested in a category of news, you can hide it using the filters we’ve provided.