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Want to feature an Avatar on your profile page, in the message system, or in the comments? Use Gravatar!

With Gravatar you can upload your own Avatar and use the PremierInsider. It’s pretty simple: First, you need a free account with Gravatar:

  • 1. Log in with Gravatar - Very important: You must use the same email address, with which you have logged into PremierInsider!
  • 2. You will receive a confirmation email sent to your address. Just click on the provided activation link.
  • 3. After confirming, you still have to choose a username and a password.
  • 4. Then you can go directly to your account and simply upload an image This image is then used as your avatar while using the PremierInsider.

Notice: You have to rate your picture with a "G" so that it could be displayed on our site and in public

Have fun choosing your Avatar with Gravatar!