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Some players in the Premier League stand out due to their extraordinary accomplishments: As a reward, there are various Insider medals. These awards make it easier for you to identify whether there might be a special characteristic that renders consideration for your team.

You can find these awards on the right edge of the image on the player info page under the status. It should be noted that different levels distinguish the individual medals like that of the Olympics: A player starts with a bronze medal and this may in the course of his career continue to silver and finally upgrade to gold.

Here we would like to summarize the award criteria:


Award for a Premier League veteran. This medal honours players who have a great deal of Premier League experience.

  • Bronze: From 150 Premier League games
  • Silver: From 200 Premier League games
  • Gold: From 250 Premier League games

Goal Threat

Honour for prolific Premier League scorers. This medal honours Premier League players who have achieved a certain number of goals in their career.

  • Bronze: From 20 goals in the Premier League
  • Silver: From 40 goals in the Premier League
  • Gold: From 60 goals in the Premier League


Award for an internationally prolific league player. Premier League players acquire this award after earning a certain number of caps with their country on the international stage.

  • Bronze: From 50 international caps
  • Silver: From 75 international caps
  • Gold: From 100 international caps


Award for a Premier League footballer who has established himself as a player who createss goal-scoring chances for his club.

  • Bronze: From 20 assists in the Premier League
  • Silver: From 35 assists in the Premier League
  • Gold: From 50 assists in the Premier League


Award for the captain of a Premier League club. In contrast to the other medals, we do not distinguish the award by silver, gold, or bronze. There is only gold for club captains.